Privacy & Security Everyone owns the basic right of privacy, which is also one of the core values for Di. Anyone who has no permission from you is not able to read your messages, including Di.
Only the receiver can read what you have sent Globally distributed services nodesmake message and data untraceable.Set the message destruction time,which is like travelling back days ago.
End-to-End Encryption All messages are encrypted strictlyto make sure safe communication.You can chat at ease with your friends anywhere.
Ample Functions One on one chat, group chat, voice chat, video chat, global opinion, mini games, live stream. Everything is fun and fast.
Get ample func-tions for free Text, high definition pictures,voice, videos, votes of any kinds… No matter how long it is,message can be sent for free.
Manage Group Invite friends or colleagues to join the group,and have voice or video chat or live stream. 10,000 members are supported. You areable to have group discussion related to work or movie, or have some fun.
Global News and Opinions Find business opportunities with the like-minded all over the world. You can post your opinions anywhere at any time.
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